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6 Tech Innovations That Have Changed the Travel Industry

TECHCO – October 10, 2016
Currently, the modern world is also called the digital world: Technology has played a major role in every industry. And the travel industry is one of the top industries to enjoy the evolution of technology.
Technology has benefited both the traveler, the traveling agency, and the supplier. The supplier, in this case, refers to the company that offers the travel services. The travel agent only sells those services on behalf of the transportation company. All these players are enjoying the advantages of the advanced technology.
So what are the tech innovations that have transformed the travel industry? Here are six ways the travel industry has evolved today.

1. Online Booking
This is one of the innovations that have lifted the weight off the traveler’s shoulder. Years back, customers would have to line up in long queues as they wait to book a flight or a bus. This has been changed in the recent years, and it is now easier to travel without the need of queuing.
Travelers can simply book their flights or bus tickets online. This way, the customer will end up flying when relaxed and without the pressure of going through a rough time at the terminals. It is expected that the online booking services will become better in the coming years. All this is to make it less tedious to pay for your trip and maximize your comfort.
2. GPS
The Global Positioning System is another innovation that has highly benefited the travel industry. This technological feature was first introduced in the mobile phone. However, it is currently used by travelers and travel agencies across the world. Travelers use them to explore new places which have replaced the need for a travel guide.
The GPS device is a smaller and more efficient replacement of the large maps. Also, these devices are more accurate and dependable. On top of that, there are handheld GPS devices that make navigation way easier and comfortable even if you are travel, kayaking, fishing or going to places that only a few people go to. The travel agencies also place the GPS tracking devices on their car fleets. With this, they can track the vehicles wherever they are for security purposes.
3. E-Tickets
Another tech innovation that has transformed the travel industry is the electronic ticketing system. This applies mostly to the airline transport. For instance, each member of the International Air Transport Association is expected to use the e-ticketing system to their customers. With these tickets, there is no need for the customers to wait for their tickets to come via standard mail.
It also works as the online booking, and the tickets will be sent to the traveler via email when they are ready to travel, or upon their request. This feature benefits both the travel agency and the traveler. On the traveler’s side, they will not have to worry about losing their paper ticket. Also, the travel agency will not have to worry about the cost of supplies like paper and printing equipment. It is also easier to handle the e-tickets more that the paper tickets.

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