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The Latest Travel Trend Taking Over Instagram



NASSAU, The Bahamas, Friday October 14, 2016 – If we asked you what 2016’s biggest Instagram travel trend was, what would you say? Smug shots of frosé (that’s frozen rose wine)? “It’s ok here I suppose” sunset humblebrags? Nope: it’s the swimming pigs that live in the Bahamas.
Everyone from Amy Schumer to Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp have visited the remote island in the Exumas, where the now Insta-famous pigs spend their days swimming in the clear, warm Caribbean sea and waiting for their celebrity fans to visit. Their fame even means they’ve graduated from social media to music videos – appearing in Pitbull’s video for Timber – so basically: we give it a year until these fame-hungry pigs are on Celebrity Big Brother.

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