Bhutan | 09 Nights 10 Days




Day 01:

Arrive Paro. Drive to Thimphu. Stay overnight in Thimphu. (55 KM, 1 hr.)
Now that you’re all set for your Bhutan Tour arrive on time at the International Airport to check-in for the early morning flight. You’ll enter the magical world of Bhutan in just a couple of hours as you land at Paro International Airport.

The flight is undoubtedly a treat for the eyes, what with mesmerizing views of the Himalayas and picturesque sights of the extensive Paro Valley! As you enter the Paro region, you’ll see the beautiful, crystalline Pa Chhu (Paro) river meandering down the valley, fertile rice fields, and exemplary pieces of architecture such as Bhutan dzong.

Welcome to Bhutan, The Kingdom of Happiness

Our team will be eagerly waiting for you at the airport’s exit terminal. Just complete the immigration formalities and collect your baggage, and you’re in for a warm welcome. From Paro airport, we’ll start our drive towards Thimphu, the Happiness Kingdom’s capital city. Located at an approximate height of 2500 m in the Thimphu Valley, this vibrant city is an hour’s drive from the airport.

We’ll take you on a scenic drive along the Paro River and the Wang Chu (Thimphu) River, passing timeless villages within the countryside. Get ready for the first glance of Thimphu as we approach Simtokha Dzong.
Upon arrival, check-in at one of our finest selections of Bhutan hotels. A memorable stay guaranteed!

Day 04:

Thimphu – Punakha. (75 Km, 2 Hrs.)
After breakfast, we will drive towards the Dochula Pass, 16 kilometers, 40 minutes’ drive through the winding road, admist the forest of Pines and Juniper and the lovely view of the Simtokha Dzong as we ascend slowly towards Dochu La Pass. In 2003, Bhutan chased the Indian rebels, hiding in Bhutan in the eastern border, out of the country with a minimal loss to the Bhutan army. Some wanted to erect a monument for the victory, but the King replied that war should never be glorified. So instead he commissioned this monument honoring the dead soldiers and the dead rebels from the conflict.The 108 stupas is a memorial built then. The Dochula Pass an altitude of about 3100 m is the places where this memorial is built. Set admist the fluttering prayer flags, it is a visitor’s delight to spend some time here.
The 108 beautiful Chortens is built by Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck. From this pass, on a clear day, you can have a superb view of the highest peaks, the sharp peak being Masagang (7200 m) dominating the region, others are Tsendagang (6960 m), Terigang (7060 m), Jejegangphugang (7158m) and Kangphugang (7170m). We will spend our time here, taking a stroll in between this 108 chortens, breathing in the fresh air, admiring the mountain ranges and getting lost in nature. After this wonderful visit, we will take the downhill drive towards Punakha. Upon arrival check in at the hotel. Rest of the time at leisure.

Day 07:

Punakha – Paro. Overnight stay in Paro. (115 Km, 3 hrs)
This morning we start our journey towards Paro via the picturesque Dochula Pass. Remember, on day 1 of your Bhutan Tour, you got only a glimpse of Paro Valley while entering the Kingdom of Happiness. But today, after about 5 hours, you’ll get to stay in one of the most excellent Bhutan hotels located right in the spectacular valley!

We will continue our drive towards beautiful Paro. The confluence of rivers is always fascinating. So is Chuzom, the meeting point of Rivers Thimphu and Paro. We’ll halt for a while and enjoy a walk on Chuzom’s bridge. Also, noteworthy here are 3 different-styled chortens – Tibetan, Nepali, and Bhutanese. Take as many pictures as you want before we continue our travel.

At a short distance from Chuzom, you can spot the Thamchok Lhakhang, a private temple dedicated to the ancient saint Thangthong Gyelpo. He is famous for having built countless iron chain bridges to ease Himalayan travels and pilgrimages. The access to the temple is through an iron suspension bridge built by Thangthong Gyelpo, which is purely a photographer’s delight. Next, we take you to the Ta Dzong, an ancient watchtower-converted- museum, also known as the country’s National Museum. Indulge in Bhutan’s rich culture as you see lovely exhibits of paintings, bronzes, 3-D stamps, silken stamps, textiles, and jewellery. Look out for the famed triangular stamp illustrating the ape-like yeti. Walk the galleries showcasing stuffed animals of amazing Bhutan.

Day 10:

Check out of the hotel in Paro. Take the flight from Paro to Onward Journey.
After breakfast and check-out, we’ll drive you to Paro international airport. After bidding a heartfelt goodbye to unforgettable Bhutan, we board the flight to onward Journey. We hope you enjoyed your Bhutan Tour thoroughly. We’ll be more than happy to take you around the Kingdom of Happiness again!


Day 02:

We hope you had a good night’s sleep in beautiful Bhutan! Enjoy the hotel’s satiating breakfast before we begin our Thimphu tour today.

First on the list is Memorial Chorten, dedicated to the founder of modern Bhutan. This tall, four-storeyed structure contains statues and symbols of several Tantric deities, undoubtedly ranking among the must-visit tourist places in Bhutan. Experience the fantastic sight of locals circumambulating the Chorten, holding prayer beads and murmuring the divine prayers. What better way to begin your day in wonderful Bhutan than visiting such a pious landmark? Now we take you to the National Library. This 20th-century building houses major historical evidence in the form of documents and photos. Also, you’ll find the world’s biggest published book here that weighs 68 kg and is 2 metres in height.Next stop is Buddha Dordenma, made in line with increasing the Bhutan happiness index. This sitting statue of Buddha measures 169 feet in height and is filled with 1,25,000 shorter Buddha statues. One of the world’s most giant Buddha statues, Buddha Dordenma, with its peaceful and assuring appearance, draws innumerable tourists towards it. Also, this spot offers spectacular views of the Thimphu Valley.

Day 05:

After breakfast, it is time to take a beautiful hike on the paddy fields towards Chimi Lhakhang, the temple of the Devine Mad Man called Drukpa Kuenley. We can take a picturised and leisurely walk through the paddy field, no steep climb here, just easy walk in the paddy field. The return journey takes about an hour and a half or two. Next visit Punakha Dzong, the most beautiful Dzong in Bhutan built in 1637 by Shabdrung, the spiritual and temporal ruler of Bhutan prior to the present dynasty. It is an old capital, which still serves as the winter residence of the monk body. The first King, Ugyen Wangchuck, was crowned here in 1907. It is now the winter residence of the Central Monastic Community and administrative headquarters of Punakha district. After the visit we will see one of the longest suspension bridges in Bhutan, spanning 350m and perched high above the very swift river of Po Chhu. Draped with prayer flags, the bridge connects the town of Punakha and the Punakha Dzong, mainly used by locals from the other side of the town as a shortcut to Punakha Dzong. Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten
A beautiful hike takes one to the regal Khamsum Yuelley Namgel Chorten, which was built to remove negative forces and promote peace, stability and harmony in the changing world. The Chorten dominates the upper Punakha Valley with commanding views across the Mo Chhu and up towards the mountainous peaks of Gasa and beyond. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 08:

Sightseeing and overnight stay in Paro
Today, it’s all about Paro! Post breakfast, we take a short drive on a blacktop road of green Bhutan to the end of Paro Valley. This is where the 17th-Century Drukgyel Dzong stands. A symbol of victory over the Tibetan aggression, Drukgyel Dzong served as an excellent barrier for several years against further attacks. Today, we can see only the ruins of this fortress because it had caught fire and suffered heavy damage in 1951. However, the well-protected ancient ruins make an impressive sight, qualifying as Bhutan’s most stunning archaeological spot! We take you to the end of the blacktop road and then along a narrow path to Lingshi, a remote Bhutanese village that yak herders call home. Today, if Weather God is on your side, you’ll be able to get a clear view of the snow-clad, towering (23,996 feet) Mt. Jomolhari. This spectacular mountain, also regarded as the holiest peak in beautiful Bhutan, provides a perfect backdrop to the Drugyel ruins and Lingshi.So, are you game? We’ll take you uphill through the well-marked trail till we reach our lunch point after about 3 hours. Enjoy unique views of the monastery from here. If you’re hell-bent on visiting the monastery, we’ll take you further uphill for another couple of hours.


Day 03:

Once you’ve pampered your taste buds, we’ll drive you to visit Changangkha Lhakhang, the oldest monastery in the Thimphu Valley. This 13th-century marvel has a bronze and gold statue of Avaloketeshvara, Buddha of compassion, in his manifestation with eleven heads and a thousand hands and eyes. By local tradition, families take newborns to this temple for naming. You might be plain lucky to witness a local family with their newborn performing the rituals here on this Bhutan Visit. Another exciting ritual practised here is the dice game. Wish for something, keep an Rs.10/Rs.20 note on the plate of the dice, and roll all the dice at a time. The monk will interpret the numbers for you. Your next stop is at the Takin Sanctuary to witness the baffling and endangered Takin. This large mammal weighing up to 650 kgs is the national animal of wonderful Bhutan. The Takin’s unusual appearance with its resemblance to a cow from the rear and a goat from the front interests many visitors. Won’t you like to get close up on this mysterious creature while it feeds near the fence? Souvenir shopping is surely at the back of your mind. At the Handicraft Market of Thimphu, shop for souvenirs to your heart’s content. Buy beautifully embroidered attires, scroll paintings, and precious jewellery at reasonable prices from one or more of the 100 government appointed shops here.

Day 06:

Punakha: Excursion to Gangtey. Overnight stay in Punakha. 73 KM, 2 Hrs)
Explore Bhutan in its wildest! Post breakfast, get ready for a memorable excursion to picturesque Gangtey. This glacial region has countless nature trails, and black-necked cranes have made it their home. At the Information Centre, you can Explore Bhutan in its wildest! Post breakfast, get ready for a memorable excursion to picturesque Gangtey. This glacial region has countless nature trails, and black-necked cranes have made it their home. At the Information Centre, you can spot these endangered birds. Take in unadulterated, breathtaking views of the glacial landscape from the Gangtey Monastery. Whether you’re planning a Bhutan honeymoon package or want to backpack, Gangtey Valley makes a perfect choice. Relax in a Dotsho (hot stone bath) or hike the scenic nature trails. The Valley’s Khumbu Lhakhang temple with an unknown history is sure to arouse your interest. For a fun-filled Bhutan experience here, try out their national sport – archery. Retrace back to Punakha and Overnight at the hotel.

Day 09:

Excursion to Chelela Pass from Paro. Some more things to see in Bhutan. Overnight stay in Paro.
Today’s the last day of your Bhutan Tour, so let’s make the most of it. Gangtey is still fresh in your mind, right? There’s yet another memorable excursion in your Bhutan Visit. Post breakfast, we’ll drive around 40 kilometres through the Paro Valley to the surreal Chelela Pass. With an altitude of 13,000 feet, this natural beauty is the highest travelable road of unforgettable Bhutan. Experience an adventurous journey to Chelela, entirely through lush, dense forests.

In clear weather, Chelela Pass offers stunning views of Mt. Jomolhari and the Paro Valley. Between May and July, you’ll see countless alpine flowers, particularly the blue poppy, which is the national flower of beautiful Bhutan.
Chelela, with its numerous ancient trails and untouched forests, is undoubtedly a hiker’s paradise.

Explore the picturesque landscape and capture priceless memories in your camera before we descend to Paro for lunch. At the hotel, a professional troupe is waiting eagerly to entertain you. Celebrate Bhutan as the group presents an hour-long cultural performance on the lawns.
Next in line is a Bhutanese home visit. When at Thimphu, you got a peep into the forefathers’ lives, right? Now, in Paro, an existent Bhutanese family will welcome you right at their home. We’ll take you to Heritage Farmhouse, where you can interact with the locals over a warm cuppa. An unforgettable firsthand experience of Bhutanese people as you sip on the steaming Himalayan tea!

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