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Canada, the largest country of North America and the second-largest country in the world, “only” has 35 million inhabitants. This makes it a thinly populated, but prosperous country. It is also a very popular travel destination; both for tourists and business travelers.


Many people mainly know Canada for its large cities Quebec, Montréal and Vancouver, even though the much smaller Ottawa is the official capital of Canada. The larger cities of Canada are relatively close to the border with the USA, with which Canada has close ties. Ever since the colonization of Canada by the Europeans (first the French and later the English), the country has had large amounts of immigration. After the Second World War, many foreigners emigrated to Canada.


In total, roughly 90 percent of the Canadian population consists of immigrants or descendants of those people. About 25% of the Canadian population has a British heritage, while 24% originate from France. But the original inhabitants of Canada, the Inuit and the natives, are still represented in large number in Canadaʼs population. Currently, more than a hundred tribes with a total of over a quarter of a million natives reside in Canada, predominantly hunters and farmers. Currently, the largest group of newcomers are Asians; Vancouver alone has over 100.000 inhabitants with Chinese heritage.


Why Canada

  1. Based on the United nation survey, Canada being the best place to live
  2. Canada welcomes over 2 lac immigrants per year
  3. International students who graduate from Canadian Institutions enjoy successful and prosperous careers
  4. High visa success rate
  5. International students can apply for their Permanent Residency
  6. Canadian Institutes, charge lower tuition fees for international students



  • Canada has a wide range of climates because of its diverse landscape. However, Canada is among the coldest countries in the world, at the same time, Canada witnesses all four seasons along the US borders.
  • Summers are hot and dry in Prairies and humid in central Canada. Springs are often quite pleasant.
  • People living near the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific experience minimal snow but heavy rainfall in winters.
  • Central Canada experiences all four seasons’ infamous cold, snowy winters and hot spring.


Living cost of Vancouver


  • Accommodation       $500 to $2,000
  • Public transportation monthly pass  $98 to $174 per month
  • Food estimation $300 to $800 per month
  • Cell Phone with data for internet $60 to $150 per month
  • Provincial health insurance $163 per term

*These are estimated values of current market prices which are subject to change. The aim is to provide students with an estimate to plan their expenses accordingly, when investing in higher education.




We partner with one of the best University of Canada Vancouver , University Canada West . UCW students come from more than 90 countries around the world and include Canadian citizens, permanent residents and visiting students who contribute to the diversity and richness of the University.



Courses offered


Bachelors of Commerce

This ACBSP and NCMA-accredited program combines theoretical and practical learning to give you a true understanding of modern business. It will prepare you for a successful career in business or management. Students can take on campus courses or online.

Elective Area

Accounting  and Business Communication


Bachelors of Arts in Business Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BA) is an interdisciplinary program that will develop your knowledge of media, cultural studies and business . The students get throughout this course are relevant to careers in professional writing, journalism, public relations, communications, and advertising.

In this 120-credit program, you’ll develop core skills in writing and research, a comprehensive understanding of media and communication, and an appreciation of how they function in the modern world of business


Master in Business Administration

This ACBSP-accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from UCW will prepare you for success on the global stage. The program progresses through four tiers, a total of 45 credits.

Team activities are an intrinsic part of the MBA, developing team skills for modern business and providing a collegial learning environment.

Elective Area

Marketing, Finance or Leadership


Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree provides you with a broad foundation of knowledge. This 60-credit (20 course) program prepares you for additional post-secondary education or to enter directly into the workforce.

Elective Area

Accounting, Economics, Hospitality and Tourism, Management, Marketing, Media Communication, Psychology, Social Justice.


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